How old are you?


Where did you attend university?

University of California, Irvine

Where did you grow up?

A small town in the bay area

Where do you want to live?

Somewhere in Europe, maybe Germany?

How do you get to your destinations?

For trips within California, I drive. For trips outside of California, I fly. When I go with family, we rent a car or if I have friends in that area, they join & drive!

How much do these trips cost?

Flights are around $150-$300 depending on when you buy (the earlier the better). In my experience, a campsite can cost $10-$50/night (but you also need to consider the cost of camping gear). A hotel can cost $80-$150/night. Food adds up quickly if you eat out (~$20 a meal).I don't budget and plan as well as I should, so I'm hoping to start doing that for my next trip! A quick excel should suffice.

Where and where is your next trip?

Not a big outdoorsy trip, but I will be heading down to Pasadena, CA for the FOODIELAND Night Market!

How to contact me?

You can email me at rtjan0@saddleback.edu