Daisy Perez 

Rancho El Phoenix is a fully functional for profit farm. It was always Daisy's dream to own and manage her own farm. As a first generation Mexican American, Daisy always new the odds were against her. Growing up in the 90s and early 00s, as an inner city child. It was most likely she would end up a drug addict, in gangs, or pregnant. Her family set the stereotypical family roles for her and pre-determined that she would be a stay at home mom.

They didn't count on Daisy being so stubborn. Growing up was not easy. She was the first in her family to graduate High School, attend a four- year university, and receive multiple degrees and certifications. She beat the odds.

Through her life, success followed. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond her control she and her family became victims of domestic violence.  Due to her own experience she has decided to open a sector of  Rancho El Phoenix as a non-profit. 

The Haven.     

The Haven will function concurrently with Rancho El Phoenix. It will be used to house multiple victims of domestic violence with their pets. Be they exotic animals or normal pets. We will provide a small "tiny" homes for the DV victim to stay on the property near their animals. This provides an opportunity for their routine to continue. For them to heal in a safe environment with their animals.      

While we know the goal is far from complete. The following are the proposed areas, houses and ammenities for those we serve through The Haven.